Monday, April 7, 2014

Mr. "S" 6 Month Sneak Peek ~ Baby Grow Plan

Little "S" came to the studio back in February for his 6 month session, what a wonderful little guy he is always full of smiles and just loves his big sisters.

Little Miss "M" 6 Month Sneak Peek!

Way over due I know! Just thought I would share a bit of what's been going on in the studio this year...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Little Miss M's Sneak Peek! ~ Quinte Newborn Photographer

I love it when I get an email in my inbox from a new client.... especially when it's wonderful news that they are expecting! A few months ago Mandee contacted me wanting to book not even knowing at the time what they where expecting but she knew she wanted newborn images and shortly thereafter I got another email saying they where expecting a little girl...  Friday she came into the studio for her first photo shoot and boy is she adorable... Baby Mercedes was such a good girl slept like a dream and didn't mind me moving her at all... I'm looking forward to capturing Maercedes again in 6 months when she comes in for her baby grow plan...  In the meantime, enjoy the sneak peek!


Friday, June 7, 2013

6 months all ready!!! ~ Ava's Sneak Peek!

The name may ring a bell, as I just did newborn pictures for this sweet family  less than 7 months ago... Ava is such an incredibly beautiful little girl, full of smiles and giggles (especially for her mama!).... I truly enjoyed this shoot... we even squeezed in a few family pictures. It was such a pleasure to see this lovely family again, and can't wait to see Ava again for her 1 year pictures..


Family Memories....

The fastest way to convince (boys of all ages!) that photoshoots can be fun? Ask them if they want a TIM BIT... and they won't complain and will smile for the camera ever time!!! Gage takes after his dad for sure but has some features from his mom's side of the family for sure as you can see from the images I am posting... I could go on and on about this family and how fabulous they are. Down to earth, fun and genuine, I'm thankful that we are friends. I've gotten to know Tara and Ian through mutual friends and enjoy seeing them when they pop over for campfires and parties... Enjoy your sneak peek...


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sweet Mickey...13 days new ~ Trenton, Ontario Newborn Baby Photographer

Every time I meet a baby, I say "Oh my goodness, he/she is SO cute" - it sounds terrible that I say it every time. But I MEAN it every.single.time. I LOVE meeting a newborn or two each week and seeing a set of features before my eyes that makes me oooo and ahhhh.... I love getting to know each one's personality for a short while and snuggling them when I get the opportunity.
This family is the sweetest. I have loved working with them and really enjoyed snuggling their little Mickey.  Catherine and Joan, I cannot thank you enough for letting me photograph your sweet baby girl! Best wishes to you! Enjoy your sneak peek... 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Baby Harmony!

Here is my adorable new niece! I just LOVE her so much already!! She decided to come, to our surprise, with a little bit of difficulty then anticipated... and although she did spend her first week in the NICU, she is still doing more then awesome! She is now 3 weeks old and I was so excited to get my hands on her:) Our session was short and sweet the first day but she returned a few days later and was a dream... I just love her chubby cheeks, which she has had since the moment she was born! And her little swirl on the top of her head, it's so sweet... My sister and brother in law have so naturally fallen into mommy and daddy rolls and my niece is a very blessed little girl to be able to call them "mom" and "dad"!! Love you guys!