Saturday, May 12, 2012

I am super swamped right now, and not able to give the blog the love it deserves. So until I can make the real post about this sweet little girl, here’s just a few for those who are waiting patiently.
I get all kinds of babies – big, little, sleepy, awake. We had the heat cranked, AND a space heater going. We were all sweating, but this baby girl absolutely loved it. She stayed sleepy and content the ENTIRE time. That almost never happens. It was a great session, thank you Mom and Grandma for bringing little Miss C in to the studio yesterday!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Baby L's Sneak Peek!

This little man was so awesomely sleepy, it was a dream come true. He was completely content to let me move him all around, pick him up, put him down. Babies are pretty sleepy when I do newborn sessions as I try to always do them between 5-10 days old. But most will wake up at some point, and sometimes stay awake until we pull out all the stops. Thanks for a great morning! Enjoy the sneak peek!

Baby S Sneak Peek!

This little cutie was wide awake for our session, I guess he didn’t want to miss a thing! Congratulations Amanda on your beautiful baby boy!. I love my job!